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CNC Turret Punching Machine

CNC Punch/ Punching Machine/ Turret Press

 CNC Turret Punching Machine

The hydraulic CNC turret punching machine adopts a Siemens numerical control system and AC servo motor for three axis drive for high precision sheet metal processing. It can perform punching functions in X and Y axis directions with high speed positioning. The equipment can punch holes of various shapes, sizes and angles as well as patterns and text. The flexible equipment offers a wide range of applications including bevel edge processing for the production of coins and other small decorative pieces.
1. The machine is highly stable thanks to its welded steel structure. This maximizes the tool accuracy and the stability of the equipment.
2. The turret punch utilizes wear resistant materials for a guaranteed long working lifetime.
3. We install an advanced full floating clamp that allows for vertical movement, improving feeding and clamping performance.
4. The brushed steel ball workbench allows for quick and easy transportation of workpieces through the equipment without worry of scratching or damage to the material.
5. CNC G code programming allows for CAD/CAM compatibility for input and output processes.
6. Safe and reliable hydraulic assembly. The low noise and energy efficient unit applies great power with overload protection.
7. Precision ball screw and lead precision linear guide ensure the transmission and positioning accuracy of the machine for outstanding performance.
8. The CNC hydraulic turret press is outfitted with amazing technology that is the result of years of research and has led to the development of equipment that is suitable for a wide range of applications that not many machines are capable of.

  • Guide Screw

  • Servo Motor

  • Hydraulic Station

  • CNC Control System

Technical Parameters of CNC Turret Punching Machine
1 Model HST1250*2500
2 Nominal force 300KN
3 Workpiece size 1250*2500mm
4 Max workpiece thickness 6mm
5 Max punch diameter Φ88.9
6 Max. hit speed 600 h.p.m
7 Max. stroke 40mm
8 X/Y axis traveling speed 80 m/min
9 Workpiece traveling speed 80 m/min
10 Turret speed 30 r /min
11 Main Power 15Kw
12 Working accuracy ±0.10mm
13 Total station 24 set
14 Axes 4 (X, Y, Z,C)
15 Machine dimension (L*W*H) 5000*3000*2100mm
16 Machine weight 12000kg
17 CNC Control System SIEMENS 808D
18 ball screws HIWIN, Taiwan
19 Linear Guideways HIWIN, Taiwan
20 Servo unit and motor SIEMENS
21 Hydraulic System Rexroth, Germany
22 Valves Rexroth, Germany
23 Pneumatic cylinder AIRTEC
24 proximity switch P+F, Germany
25 automatic programming JakSOFT
26 Mould Local Company(OPTIONAL )
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