Tube Punching Machine

Tube Puncher/ Punch Press/ Hydraulic Press

 Tube Punching Machine

The tube punching machine utilizes a touch screen interface to display and alter settings in order to maximize the effectiveness of the automated machinery.
Structure: The welded steel structure provides stability and strength during operation for a reliably precise operation.

Mold replacement: The die can be easily changed without adjustment to reduce mold damage and pipe fitting rejection rate. Skilled workers can change the mold within 10 minutes.

Punching Capabilities: single hole punching, double hole punching, isometric hole punching, rotary punching.

Hydraulic and Servo System:
1. Step-less operation adjustment where the hydraulic loops are designed for zero load action. This is combined with an extremely low frequency oil pump motor for reduced noise and efficiency.
2. When the oil cylinder is moving downward, the machine is designed with hydraulic difference driving loops rated at high or low RPM. It is available to increase the formation stability of workpieces during pressing. It can also effectively reduced HP load to save electrical energy.
3. Electrical control system can be interfaced by the user and allows for full range adjustment, digital scaling, positioning and optimizes operating precision.
4. Cylinder stroke: 130mm, throat depth 300mm available for forward and backward 150mm moving accessibility.

  • Punching Station

  • TBR Linear Guideway

  • TBR Linear Guideway

  • Servo Motor and Clamping System

  • Feeding Device

  • Feeding System

  • TBR Linear Guideway

  • Pneumatic Push Rod

  • Fix-position System

  • Servo Motor

  • Clamping System

  • Pneumatic Clamping System

  • Lubricating System

  • Hydraulic Station

  • Electrical Components

  • PLC Unit

  • CNC Control System

  • In Stock

Technical Parameters of Tube Punching Machine
1 Aperture and thickness Φ50×τ3~Φ16×τ11mm
2 Aperture round pipe Φ16~Φ120 mm
Square tube 20×20~150×150 mm
rectangle pipe 15×30~60×150 mm
Angle iron 30×30~75×75mm
channel iron 25×50~60×120mm
3 Hole distance 0.1mm~3500mm
4 Punching speed 1.5sec/hole , 150mmStroke
5 Longest distance between holes 12000mm
6 Standard length 3500mm,6000mm,12000mm
7 Max feeding speed of servo 3000mm/min
8 Main Motor Power 5.5Kw
9 Engineering Motion Classification 1, Single puncturing operation
2,Irregular interval puncturing
3,Regular interval puncturing
10 TFT human machine interface Human machine interface
11 control system touch controllable display setting ,Chinese and English exchange
12 Memory Function 0-100 group processing mode storage

The tube punching machine is designed for square tube rectangle pipe, round pipe and any other profile steel punching.
Punch materials: all kinds of iron, aluminum, copper ,stainless steel and so on.

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