YAG Laser Cutting Machine

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 YAG Laser Cutting Machine

The laser of the metal laser cutting machine is with adoption of xenon lamp as pumping sourcing, the optical mirror will make laser beam of high energy and high density from laser focused on the surface of the metal parts, and the part of area that spot shined to will be melted and evaporated instantly, automatic cutting is controlled by digital CNC software. The metal laser cutting machine is the collection of laser technology, digital CNC control technology and precision machinery technology.

High Precision: mainly used for precision parts, all kinds of craftwork and drawing fine cutting.
High Speed: the real cutting speed is 100 times more than wire cutting. Small heat-affected zone, not easily deformed, cutting smooth and beautiful, without further processing.
The professional cutting software is able to make programming of graphics and characters, and instant cutting. It's with the advantage of flexible cutting, and easy operation.
Stable performance: continuous production cutting ensured.

Technical Parameters of YAG Laser Cutting Machine
Model HST-Y1325/1530
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Maximum Laser Output Average Power 600W
Laser Repeated Frequency 1-300Hz
Power Instability ≤5%
Minimum Line Cutting Width 0.2mm (for material below 0.4mm)
Maximum Cutting Speed ≤3.8m/min (depends on different material)
Maximum Cutting Thickness ≤6mm (carbon steel)
Continuous Operating Time ≥20 hours
Maximum Cutting Breath 1300x2500mm/1500x3000mm(optional)
Working Platform Accuracy ±0.08mm
Repeat Location Accuracy ±0.02mm
Power Supply Three-phase five line exchange 380V±5%, 50Hz±1%
Software Phase selecting provided
Weight of the Machine (Estimated) 4200kg
Main parts 4500x2600x1420mm

Applications of YAG Laser Cutting Machine
The laser cutting machine is available for all metal and pipe cutting, especially suitable for stainless steel, iron, aluminum and copper and other metal material cutting. It's widely used in the processing of sheet metal, metal products, steel structure, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplate, advertising, craftworks, electronics, toys and so on.

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