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Welding and Cutting Machine

    1. Modular 3D Welding Table Widely applied in the manufacturing and processing of machines, machining equipment, railways and tracks, automobiles, motorcycles, ships, pressurized containers, sheet metal, classis and cabinets, testing and measurement instruments and steel construction.
    1. YAG Laser Cutting Machine The metal laser cutting machine is the collection of laser technology, digital CNC control technology and precision machinery technology.
    1. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine The gantry double drive structure of the fiber laser cutting machine provides smooth and reliable movement during operation.
    1. Bench Type Plasma Cutting Machine The bench type plasma cutting machine adopts synchronized double drivers installed in a longitudinal linear guide track.
      Highly stable and precise
    1. Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears The top quality metal shear unit is perfect for any machine shop and it can be upgraded with various components and accessories that are just as reliable.
    1. Hydraulic Guillotine Shears The machine’s frame is constructed from rolled, solid steel to prevent distortion during the shearing process and under extreme continuous loads.
    1. Angle Notching Machine Absolute rigidity is provided by our monoblock steel cast (65kg/mm²) incorporating a 3-guide system holder assures unmatched cutting precision and blade life.
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