Laser Cutting System Laser Cutting Machine

    1. YAG Laser Cutting System Metal Cutting MachineThe laser of the metal laser cutting machine is with adoption of xenon lamp as pumping sourcing, the optical mirror will make laser beam of high energy and high density from laser focused on the surface of the metal parts.
    1. Fiber Laser Cutting System Laser Cutting MachineThe gantry double drive structure of the fiber laser cutting machine provides smooth and reliable movement during operation. This laser cutting equipment was specially designed for machine tool processing precision with stability.

Jiangsu Hoston, a member of HOSTON Group, specializes in manufacturing of all kinds of CNC metal forming and sheet metal fabrication machinery, also devotes to the high precision metal machining equipment for turning, cutting, grinding, milling, drilling of metals. Equipped with precision machining centers, our company offers quality metal processing machines for global clients.

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