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1. The CNC lathe machine features a flat bed, a wide and hard guide and fully enclosed safeguard. This economic machine is outfitted completely with necessary components for both production and safety, making it highly reliable, and offers a high rigidity and precision, easy operation, as well as outstanding operator safety.

2. Equipped with integral bed feed and a supersonic hardened guide way, this machine also comes equipped with a bed, bed feet, spindle box and carriage all made through a previous casting process. The processing capacity is also significantly improved using a finite element analysis, and reasonably arranged stiffened metal ribbons.

3. There are 2 spindle box choices available: A 2 step gear changing speed spindle box, and a single spindle stepless speed changing spindle box. Both of which can satisfy customer needs for requirements for machines with a large torque and high speed processing. The spindle bearings are from the Japanese company NSK and are precision bearings. Customers can also choose FANUC servo spindles.

4. Users can also choose adjusting row tools. Each features an easily adjustable height for the tool centers, which makes them extremely convenient for the various tools used in processing.

5. As the machine uses a modular design with the exception of the main spindle box and CNC system (which can be chosen by the customer), users can choose different chuck types (handle chuck, or 10 and 12 inch hydraulic chuck), tool posts in various positions (vertical: 4 positions, horizontal: 6 or 8 positions, electrical tool post or row tool posts), and tailstocks (handle tailstock, hydraulic tailstock) according to their requirements. As per customer requirements, we can also supply a simple bar stock conveyor.

6. These CNC lathes utilize a full enclosed safeguard. Because the operation panel features a pull door, the panel moves simultaneously with the door to make operation more convenient.

Technical Parameters of Horizontal CNC Lathe
Item Contents Unit CK6136 CK6140
Capacity Max. swing over bed mm Ø360 Ø420
Max. swing over carriage mm Ø210
Center distance mm 750/1000/1500
Max. turning length mm 650/900/1400
Spindle 2 steps handle r/min L:75~750 H:250~2500
Stepless r/min 300~3000
Spindle nose/bore/taper of spindle hole mm A2-6/Ø52/MT6
Spindle Chucks/Bore mm N:standard Ø50(Optional: hydraulic hollow Ø37)
travel x/z -axis mm X: 240 Z: Same as Max. turning length
x/z -axis rapid moving speed m/min X:6 Z:10
Motor 2 steps handle KW 4
Stepless KW 5.5
X/Z axis feeding motor N.m 4/6
Tool post Positions of the tool post N: 4 positions(optional:6,8 positions electrical)
Dimensions of tool rod mm 20×20
Tailstock Tailstock types N: handle Optional: hydraulic
Dia./Travel/Taper of tailstock sleeve mm Ø65/120/MT5
Others Overall dimension mm 2450/2700/3200×1350×1600
Net weight Kg 2100/2300/2500
CNC system FANUC 0i mate-TD/ GSK980TDC

CNC Slant Bed Lathe

Horizontal CNC Lathe / Slant Bed Lathe / Horizontal Slant Lathe

  • CNC Slant Bed Lathe

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  • Chuck

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The HT550 series of horizontal CNC slant bed lathes are medium in size. The Type B lathe is a slow speed CNC lathe with a large torque and powerful cutting ability with the following characteristics:
1. High rigidity: The horizontal CNC slant bed lathe uses an integral lathe bed, a super audio quenching guide, and imported spindle bearings with a high rigidity.
2. High precision: The machine is equipped with imported spindle bearings and a pre-stretched ball screw, allowing the turning precision to reach a stable IT6 level.
3. Modular configuration: This machine works with an advanced numerical control system, tool holder and electric chuck, thus comprising various configuration types, ranging from the lowest to the most advanced.

Technical Parameters of CNC Slant Bed Lathe
Item Content Unit Data
HT550 HT550B
Capacity Max. swing over bed mm 550 550
Max. swing over carriage mm 380 380
Max. length of workpiece mm 530 530
Dia. of hydraulic chuck 10" solid option 10" solid option
Spindle bore/Max. dia of drawing pipe mm 80/65 80/65
Spindle Spindle speed range r/min 35-3500 L: 8-875 H: 35-3500
Spindle rated output torque N.m 202/240 L: 450/757 H: 427/526
Spindle nose/spindle taper hole A2-8/ASA350 A2-8/ASA350
Feeds Rapid feed speed m/min 15/18 15/18
Rapid traverse of X axis mm 215 215
Rapid traverse of Y axis mm 590 590
Motor Spindle motor kw 18.5/22 11/18.5 15/18.5
X/Z axis motor kw 3.0/3.0 3.0/3.0
Tool Post Tool post N: hydraulic 10 positions Option: hydraulic 12 position
Tool holder choose near or not Can Can
Tool size mm 25×25 25×25
Max. dia of boring bar mm 50 50
Tailstock of tailstock mm 490 490 of tailstock sleeve mm 100 100
Diametric of the sleeve mm 120 120
Inside taper of sleeve MT 4# 4#
Machine Size Mounting area(L×W×H) mm 3230×1630×1880 3230×1630×1880
Machine weight kg 5500 5500
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