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Gear Hobbing Machine, 3150/Y3180 Series

Gear Cutting Machine / Gear Machine / Vertical Column Gear Hobbing Machine

 Gear Hobbing Machine, 3150/Y3180 Series

The raised height of the vertical column and the increased stroke effectively expand the working range. An electric tool leap mechanism allows for a longer hob and significantly increases the service life of the cutting tool, and a worm gear with high precision of over 5 grades features a long service life and exceptional accuracy. Traditional bearings along the hobs are replaced with rolling bearings to allow for a greater tool speed. External support of the small column tailstock utilizes a tail structure and can easily open outwards, making it convenient to hang components with a large diameter.

The Y3150 and Y3180 series gear hobbing machines are fixed in place using a vertical column, and use a traditional layout with a horizontal movable working table, making the machines suitable for processing cylindrical gears, worm wheels and short spline shafts in bulk, packaging, or individual workpieces. They are characterized by the following:
1. Raised height for vertical column and increased stroke: The vertical column is higher than other traditional machines (180/130mm increased axial stroke head slide in Hoston gear hobbing machines versus other similar products on the market) in order to allow for a larger tooth width processing.
2. Increased service life of the cutting tools due to an electric tool leap: The longest stroke reaches 180mm. This particular electric tool leap takes a longer hob and increases the service life of the hob.
3. High precision and long service life: The machine uses a worm gear with a high precision over 5 grades and uses a bronze alloy material with a high abrasion resistance for a long service life and exceptional accuracy.
4. Higher tool speed: Rolling bearings replace traditional bearings along the hobs in order to allow for a greater rotating speed of the tools.
5. Backlash balancing of the cylinder is involved as the tool post moves in an axial direction. This effectively reduces the space between lead screws and eliminates vibration.
6. A convenient hydraulic powered structure reduces the non-cutting time as well as the number of times the cutting tools are used.
7. External support of the small column tailstock uses a hinge structure that can easily open in an outward direction, making it more convenient to hang components with larger diameters (especially in the Y3180).

Technical Parameters of Gear Hobbing Machine
Technical data Unit Y3150 Y3180
Max. Dia of work piece (without back column/with back column) mm 500/500 800/550
Max. modulus (casting iron/steel work piece) mm 8/6 10/8
Max machining width mm 300 500
Minimum hobbing gear teeth 5 7
Max. travel of carriage in vertical direction mm 400 530
Max. helix angle in turning bevel gear ° ±45° ±45°
Distance between axis of cutter and work table face mm 235~635 235~765
Spindle taper MT5 MT5
Max. dimension of cutter (Dia. x Length) mm undefinedØ160x180 Ø160x180
Max. axial movement of cutter mm 180 180
Diameter of changeable hobbing arbor mm 22,27,32 27,32,40
Distance from hob center to workable center mm 30~330 50~550
Rapid moving speed of work table mm 50 50
External Diameter/bore diameter of work table mm 510/80 650/80
Spindle speed steps 9 8
Spindle speed range rpm 40~250 40~200
Axial feeds range mm/rev 12 steps 0.4~4 12 steps 0.4~4
Power of main motor synchro-speed kw/rpm 4/1500 5.5/1500
Power of rapid axial motor synchro-speed kw/rpm 1.1/1500
Power of pump motor synchro-speed kw/rpm 1.5/1500
Net weight kg 4500 5800
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