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 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Product Features
1. The modular design and manual list interface provide users with different selections and applications for users.
2. The use of an IndraMotion MTX micro system from Rexroth provides a selection of 4 to 6 axis options. An EGB (electric gear box) allows for synchronization of 4 axis.
3. The cutting concept is used for cutting spurs/helical gears, multi-mounted gears, small taper gears, crown gears, gear splines, worms and sprockets in small and large batches.
4. A form cutting concept is used to cut symmetric gears.
5. Two table sizes are available. A gear type is suitable for small specs and high speed applications, whereas a worm set type is best suited for larger sized and heavy duty cutting applications.
6. A built in temperature sensor combined with special software allow for constant machining accuracy.
7. An infinite element design is used in order to achieve better structure characteristics, and the main machine body uses HT300 high performance heat treated gray iron casting to obtain the highest level of rigidity and reliability. An upgraded headstock structure is ideal for high speed cutting processes.
8. A special interface combines with manual input for easy operation. Parameter combinations are preset for selection, and the signal status can easily be checked on the operation panel for convenient maintenance.
9. Online remote diagnosis functions are available.
10. Environmentally friendly dry cutting concepts are used in combination with chamfering and debarring functions.
11. A unique auto loading/unloading unit allow the machine to operate in a reliable manner with a high volume production.
12. Different cutting programs and cutter automatic positioning software are preset.
13. The compact design is ideal for limited floor space, and a rear chip removal and dry/wet cutting chip removal are selection options.
14. The CNC gear hobbing machine is completely enclosed.
15. The gear hobbing machine features a simple and compact enclosure design with a built-in hydraulic and piping system.
16. Tool change is convenient and easy.

  • Turret Station

  • Hob Cutter

  • Gear Hobbing

  • Chip Convery

  • Chip

  • Hand Wheel

  • CNC Control System

  • Blank

  • Workpiece

  • Workpiece

  • Workpiece

  • Workpiece

Technical Parameters of CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
Specifications YK3120 YK3130
Max. workpiece diameter 200mm 350mm
Max. module 4 4
Max. axial feed travel 400mm 400mm
Max. hob head swivel ±45° ±45°
Min. ~ Max .No. of teeth 1~3000 1~3000
Max. revolution of table 1300rpm 1300rpm
Spindle speed ratio 2.9259 2.9259
Max. revolution of table 340rpm 150rpm
Table indexing speed ratio 1:8.789 1:20
Hydraulic pressure when punching support center
50 standard cylinder 5.9Kn 5.9Kn
Working Range
Center distance of hob and table 15~250mm 15~270mm
Distance between hob center and table 220-620mm 161-561mm
Table top diameter 200mm 400mm
Table bore diameter 65mm 65mm
The distance between table top and support center 351~751mm 292~692mm
Max. hob size, diameter × length 130×180mm 130×180mm
Taper of spindle nose N.T. 40 N.T. 40
Max. hob shift travel 150mm 150mm
Hob Speed And Feed
Axial feed 0.01~10mm 0.01~10mm/t. rev
Radial feed 0.01~10mm 0.01~10mm/t. rev
Radial rapid feed (X) 5000mm/min 5000mm/min
Hob shift rapid feed (Y) 1500mm/min 1500mm/min
Axial rapid feed (Z) 7500mm/min 7500mm/min
Hob head swivel (A) 600°/min 600°/min
Table cylinder pull force 3~3.6T 4.9~5.7T
Electrical And Motor
Voltage of control circuit AC380V,DC24V AC380V,DC24V
Total power undefined20KVA 20KVA
Main motor AC spindle motor 7.5KW 7.5KW
Table servo motor 6.5KW 6.5KW
Drive servo motor 2.3KW 2.3KW
Cutting servo motor 3.75KW 3.75KW
Shifting servo motor 1.2KW 1.2KW
Rotating servo motor 2.3KW 2.3KW
Hydraulic pump motor 2.2KW 2.2KW
Lubrication pump motor 0.2KW 0.2KW
Cycle coolant pump motor 2×0.75KW 2×0.75KW
Magnetic separation motor 0.2KW 0.2KW
Floor Space And Weight
Floor space, length × width 1861×2462mm 1861×2462mm
Machine height 2671mm 2671mm
Weight 7500kg 7500kg

Standard Configurations
1. Main machine
2. Full enclosure
3. Electric cabinet
4. Rexroth IndraMotion MTX micro control system
5. Hydraulic system
6. Lubrication system
7. Magnetic chip remover
8. Air blowing
9. Standard arbor
10. Parallel
11. Lightings
12. Automatic Part Clamping System
13. Tailstock
14. Mist Extractor

Optional Configurations
1. Control system for 4 to 6 axis
2. Dry and wet cutting
3. Automatic load/unload system
4. Stocking system
5. Auto fixture
6. Special arbors
7. Debarring system

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