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Metal Turning Lathe

    1. Horizontal Lathe Machine The main spindle dynamic is balanced, and supported at 2 different points with Harbin taper bearings.
      The outward appearance features a large plain, which offers a streamlined look.
    1. CNC Lathe The CNC lathe machine features a flat bed, a wide and hard guide and fully enclosed safeguard.
    1. Vertical Lathe The lathe's castings are used for a lost foam foundry (LFF) technique. The castings are wearable with an excellent quality and resistance to aging.
    1. Vertical Machining Center The vertical machining center features a wife guide for the machine body, with an excellent rigidity and outstanding shock absorption.
    1. CNC Metal Spinning Machine The HST- SP series of CNC spinning and turning machines with a double roller has been specially developed to spin kitchen ware, lamps, auto fittings, ventilations and art.
    1. Surface Grinding Machine Horizontal table movement is used to achieve mechanical transmission as well as manual transmission. A variety of flat grinding wheels are available, as are modifications to other grinding wheels for complex surface grinding applications.
    1. Gear Hobbing Machine, 3150/Y3180 Series External support of the small column tailstock utilizes a tail structure and can easily open outwards, making it convenient to hang components with a large diameter.
    1. CNC Gear Hobbing Machine The modular design and manual list interface provide users with different selections and applications for users.
    1. CNC Gear Grinding Machine The CNC gear grinding machine utilizes a modular design with consideration to numerous factors including: thermal equilibrium, temperature influence, and structure optimization, all in order to obtain the best possible performance.
    1. Vertical Drilling Machine The vertical drilling machine is often used for counter sinking, spot facing, drilling, tapping, boring, reaming and more.
    1. Gantry Milling Machine The gantry milling machine has an airtight cover, a digital read out raster ruler and pneumatic tool locking mechanism.
    1. Ram Type Milling Machine It features a durable, economic structure, and is available in 220 V, 380V, or customized voltages to make it applicable to any size fabricator or machine shop.
    1. Universal Milling Machine The horizontal knee type milling machine is an ideal mill for startup companies with its durable structure and easy to operate system.
    1. Vertical Milling Machine The vertical milling machine is an ideal choice for startup and smaller companies. It features a durable structure and economic, reliable performance.
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