Lathe Drill Chucks

Key Type Drill Chuck / Keyless Drill Chuck Taper / Self-Tightening Drill Chuck

Product Features
1. High precision
2. Durability
3. Excellent reliability
4. The drill body, jaws, nuts, and pull wheels are all made of high quality steel using a professional heat treatment
5. Scope: These drill chucks are used for heavy and ultra-heavy duty operations. They are used on lathes, milling machines, CNC machines, and wood working machinery, and are able to withstand high speed cutting.
6. Accuracy test: Using two different diameters and testing rod lengths, inspection runout is carried out. (J213H-B16, Φ13 stick length 105 mm, Φ6 stick length 65 mm.) When the product runout is not more than 0.16mm at a maximum, the drill chucks have reached national standard A level accuracy.
7. The drill spanner wheel hardness is HRC48-50, the collection nut is HRC53-55, and the coating on the pull wheel is HRC48-50. After using the drill chuck taper cone gauge (GB-11855) to do a coloring test, the contact rate is no less than 85%, which is 70% higher than the national standard.

Types of Drill Chucks
1. R8 drill connecting arbors
2. Straight shank drill arbor
3. 7:24 drill connecting arbor
4. Morse taper drill chuck arbor with draw bar/tang
5. Key type and keyless drill chuck with different arbor choices

Key Type Drill Chuck
The key type drill chuck is a heady duty drill chuck for high precision cutting equipment and a variety of production drilling applications. They are suited for efficient, high strength and high stability applications, with an overall quenching.
Industry standards: ISO9001:2008, RoHS compliant
Specifications: 80% exporting, 20 years manufacturing

Keyless Drill Chuck with Taper Mounted/Self-Tightening Drill Chuck
1. Material: 45 steel
2. High accuracy
3. Automatic

Taper-Fitting and Thread Mounted Keyless Drill Chuck
1. Automatic drill chuck
2. Collet, chuck, CNC tool, tap holder, cutting tools are all available
Morse Taper Drill Chuck Arbors
1. MT0-MT6
2. Material: 65Mn

R8 Drill Chuck Arbor
1. Material: 65Mn
2. Type: J0/1/2/3/6/3/4/5/B6/10/12/16/18/22/24

7:24 Drill Chuck Arbors
1. High quality elastic steel material with a long service life
2. Shank on the 7:24 shank shell end mill arbors: ISO30, ISO40, ISO50
3. Suitable facing cutter: 13-60mm
4. The precision is as small as 0.01mm with a balance of 8,000rpm.
5. A higher precision can also be made according to customer requirements.
6. Holder hardness: 48-55HRC. The protrusion length is a difference from 120mm to 300mm.
7. Suitable pull stub and facing cutter are available upon request

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