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Machine Tools and Accessories

    1. Tool Holder The high speed CNC tool holder comes with a variety of collets and chuck bodies to cover numerous high speed and high precision machining operations.
    1. Carbide Type Live Center The medium duty live center is a necessary accessory used on medium lathes for machine tools such as spindle sleeves, tubes and other parts on lathes. They are locked using a center hole.
    1. Collets The surface coating improves the hardness and endurance of the surface, as well as a better cleanliness, stable accuracy and smoother surface.
    1. Lathe Drill Chucks The drill body, jaws, nuts, and pull wheels are all made of high quality steel using a professional heat treatment
    1. Machine Taps Description: HSS spiral pointed taps
      Material: HSS, HSS-Co
      Machine taps for blind holes
    1. Drill Bits Application: For drilling steel, cast steel, grey cast iron, malleable iron, sintered metal, low hardness alloy materials and stainless steel
    1. Tool Bits Material:HSSM42,M35,M2,4341,4241
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