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Pre-sales Service
1. Communicate with customers to understand their needs.
2. Provide convenient inspection and analysis to establish the specific requirements of the customer.
3. Dispatch professional technicians to communicate with our customers in person, in order to provide timely design drawings of the machine tools and parameters, performances and features. The technician will actively cooperate with the customer to help them make the best choice.

Service during Sale
1. When signing the contract, we will prepare a technical agreement to supplement the requests of customers. The technical agreement is an addendum to the contract, and will be implemented after the confirmation from both sides.
2. After the signing of the contract, our professional designer will immediately start to work out a design in a timely manner to produce the contract to provide technical information and drawings. He will show contracted technical data and drawings. Customers will also be invited to participate in design reviews.
3. During the manufacturing process, we cooperate to carry out the stages of drawing review, product manufacturing and product inspection and installation.

After-sales service
1. We can provide free training for machine installation, commissioning, and other processes. Users can also send 2-3 operators and administrators to our company to undergo weeklong training. For some special circumstances, the training period can be extended.
2. The warranty period is 13 months from the delivery of the machine. During the warranty period, we repair machines and change damaged parts for free (except for damages caused by improper use or maintenance).
After the full warranty period expires, we charge only the service fee and the cost of the parts.
3. If any quality problem occur during use, we will respond within an hour after receiving the complaint. If on-site maintenance is needed, our technician will arrive at your site within 24 hours if you are in the Chinese mainland; within 7 days if you are an international customer.